Blessed or Stressed

Even though stress is part of life that every one experience, it does not have to stress us out. Stress does not discriminate and is not avoidable. Though it not easy to handle stress, I find strength in the Lord to help me get through each day when the I have a stress attack.

When I am faced with stress I am reminded that "God is my refuge and strength, a very present in help." - Psalm 46:1

I have learned to slow my body and mind down to allow the spirit to catch up. You see the body and mind must be sequential with spirit in order to be complete. Unless you are complete, you cannot allow yourself to feel that "You are complete in Him which is the head of principality and power." - Colossians 2:10

I think back to my first 40-hour a week job. I was rushing to get the job done. And this old man called me to the side. He said. "I noticed that you are always rushing. Try slowing down and pacing youself. Now if you can do it all today, then we won't need you to come tommorrow because there will not be nothing left do. And by the way you will only get compensated for today."

Another way I handle stress is by getting my priorities in order and change my way of thinking. After many years, I have learned how to pace myself in anything that I do. When I get in a rush it seems that I my priorities are no longer in order. And I try to stay focus as much as possible, because stress seeks to distract and destroy your peace of mind.

As a baby clings to his mother, I too clings to the Jesus. Because "He is all power and authority." - Matthews 28:18

Always remember to pray and take your stressors to the Lord. Let go, leave your burdens with Him and relax. Remember we are too blessed to be stressed!!!

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Up Close said...

Thanks. It helps. stress is really part of everyday!
God bless you!

Creativity!! said...

Excellent Write Up!!!! Thanks A Bunch For Sharing Dear :) :)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello May:)

Wonderful post with a powerful message. I agree with you that when we are under stress it is better to slow down which of course is a difficult thing to do unless we deliberately concentrate on slowing down. It is also true that we take our burden to Jesus and pray hard. HE will solve all problems for us.

In the place where I live there are many Churches and I find it easy to get inside the Church and pray to Jesus. I also say the rosary in the night when I am troubled and I find my mind is diverted and I fall asleep automatically.

This is a very useful post for all of us.

Have a nice day May:)

Faith Imagined said...

I love this sentence, "I have learned to slow my body and mind down to allow the spirit to catch up." What wonderful insights!!!

Yen said...

I am stress the whole day at work today, so your post caught me off guard. Your right, we should take it slowly. Don't stress out the body and mind because it won't really help at all and I'm glad I was able to open your page, I feel recharged again with your post here.

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