Darfur Cries

Will the Sudan people ever stop being traumatized and intimidated? Their cries are being heard throughout world. How painful, that the government-armed militia (Janjaweed) continue to hurt and murder innocent people. Entire families are being destroyed and corrupted. No mercy for human life during these disturbing times. This is nothing more than another cold-blooded war on humans. Mark 13:7 tells us: And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet. For these things must occur as a faith strengthing tool for Christians. This called for all christians to lean a hand through prayers and missions. By the Grace of God, missions are taking place to bring hope and healing to those in dying need. There is USA Team in placed called, "Save the Children." They are there to provide help in many ways, from feeding people, medicines, and psychological support. My heart goes out this mission and all involved. "In this world we will have trouble. But take heart." according to John 16:33. A heart of stone for God is the answer to a troubled world

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Inspirations Unlimited said...

The end is really near to come.. And we must be more diligent in sharing the Good News to everyone..

And thank God the internet can be an excellent tool to spread His Gospel! :)

Tracy said...

It does seem that the end is near, but we can never be sure.

I'm grateful for groups like save the child, world vision, samaritan's purse, and others. These are groups that help with both the physical and spiritual needs.

Up Close said...

I have missionaries friend serving in Africa and yes (confidently assumed) they have ministries in that place too.
May God bless the hearts, mind and body for those whose whole self is abandonely dedicated to Him.
God bless!


Yen said...

Prophesy is taking its way one by one and we are hearing it and yet we don't bother ourselves at all. God is Justice.

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