Words of Encouragement

Each day we are being faced with trials and tribulations, yet we much move forth. I am sharing these encouraging words to help with our struggles in this life.

Take the Holy Spirit everywhere you go, you cannot afford to be without it.

When life suddenly changes its form, as we know it will, accept the change.

Allow your soul to receive its greatest benefit, free yourself from any resentments.

When consumed by good & evil, ask Christ to give you wisdom to know solid differential between the two.

Seek spiritual motivation, read the Bible and spend time in prayer with Christ on a regular basis.

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Akelamalu said...

I am not religious at all but thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

Linda said...

Wise and wonderful words May. Thank you for encouraging us.

Nessa said...

I have a little trouble with accepting change but i'm always working on it.

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi May:)

Lovely words of wisdom. You have listed down wonderful ideas to face our difficulties in life.

Change is the only permanent thing is life and we have to change to changing situations. If is the only way to survive. Recently I have been watching trees and I was amazed to see how trees change to summer heat by adapting themselves. Many trees have just shed their leaves and look barren just to ward of the heat. In cold countries some trees shed their leaves in winter.This is the way they survive.When I get sufficent photos I plan to do a post on these tress.

Prayer, sincere, heartfelt,earnest prayer is very important to tide over our problems. There is immense strength and power in prayers. And a person can pray any time and as frequently as possible during the day.There is no limit to the no of time times a person can pray.

You have given sound and wonderful advice May.

Best wishes:)

Tracy said...

So true....these are actions that will help us through the hard times.

surjit said...

Full of truth and wisdom.You have a great blog.
Thanks for sharing your insights on my blog.
God bless.

Yen said...

Amen to that May. I love your post of encouragement.

Deborah Ann said...

Great words of encouragement! It really is easy to stay on the right path when we stay in the Word and believe God's promises.

Thanks for visiting me at Heavenly Humor!

Chin chin said...

Hi May. Thanks so much for those encouraging words. We need constant reminders such as these even at times when we feel everything is doing well because we tend to neglect. And that's when we slip off.

God bless you.

bingkee said...

May, thanks for sharing and the reminders. Every morning I ask for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. And I also ask that if I may stray, pull me back again.

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