What does happiness mean to you?
I ask myself this same very question each and everyday. During life's journey sometime it is hard to get that answer I am searching for. I am Okay, because when I look into the sand and see only one set of footprints, the Lord is carrying me. If I am not feeling happy with that, then something is seriously wrong.

According to Webster: happiness is one of those emotions associated with our feeling.

These feelings can range from being contended and give a sense of satisfaction to inexpressible joy. Happiness has also been defined as living a flourish life rather an emotion.

No matter what one's take of happiness might be, true happiness can only be found if we seek the Lord, Our God. This happiness is found in the Bible. So many believe that money, fame, beauty, possessions, power, wealth, and human goods will make them happy. Sure, these things can put a smile on our face, as it nothing more than upside down frown. Because these thing come and go, one day we have them and next they gone. As we pursue these things, only to finally realize that they are really meaningless without GOD.

Happiness will definitely excludes these things, unless we allow the Bible to guide our thoughts and actions to more fulfilling life

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Yen said...

Happiness for me is being under the care and love of our Lord Jesus Christ despite my being weak in flesh, truly grace abounds. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post May. :-)

sandy said...

Beautiful post. Many things make me happy; but one thing is when I open a box of love from someone donating to help the homeless. I say love, people knit and crochet and I get items to the homeless and others in need. Opening a box of items made with love makes me happy.


Nessa said...

very beautiful reminder.

limerick love

bingkee said...

For me happiness is only from "circumstance" meaning from "happening"----something that happens. But if we seek joy , we should not get it from "happenings that are temporal" but for lasting love, peace and eternal glory of God.Our lives are a series of troubles, afflictions and other happenings , but if we put our trust in God and seek His wisdom and glory, then we can have joy no matter what the condition/happening/circumstance is. I could say, "Life is not perfect for me and I may troubles and problems, but I am joyful."

The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Thanks for sharing May.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello May:)

Very inspiring and thought provoking post with deep wisdom.

When a person goes on seeking happiness, invariably happiness eludes him. Happiness is doing things at hand with sincerity and earnestness with a sense of dedication. Happiness is looking at things with a childlike attitude. When we were children many little things made us happy. We were happy to see the moon, a bird flying, when someone gave a sweet, when someone hugged us, when we saw a flower and so on. But as we grew up this childlike happiness in little things vanished and we wanted to posses many things beyond our capacity. We wanted to reach for the moon, we wanted to accumulate wealth, we want fame,we wanted adulation. As long as our happiness is dependent on the external things, it was temporary,fleeting and not long lasting. We want more and more and there is no end to it. Hapiness is never reached in the process.

There are people who believe that happiness is in the pursuing of things and not in having things such as fame and money. They keep chasing and chasing these things and get exhausted in the process and become frustrated. They are in a hurry and have no time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Jesus said that untill and unless you become a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Yes, we have to develop childlike simplicity,curiosity, interest,spontaniety,merriment in simple things of life.

I also believe that as long you depend on others to give you happiness, it never lasts and you can be let down very badly. Happiness should come from inside us,in what we do, being content with what we have,enjoy each day as it comes, do ones best in whatever we have to do and being occupied both pysically and mentally. Hapiness is not letting negative thoughts overwhelm us.We should stop criticizing ourselves for what we did or did not do. No one is perfect.

Happiness is praying because there is immeasurable power in it. Happiness is believing that we have come from God and to God we have to return one day. Happines is in being satisfied with our everyday situation and things that we have.Happines is accepting changes in our life situation and quickly adapting to these changes because change is the only permanent thing in this life.

Well May, you have touched upon a huge subject and these are some of my thoughts. Perhaps more can be written on this topic.

Many thanks for giving me a platform to air my views.

Have a nice day May:)

Deborah Ann said...

For me, thankfulness is the key to happiness. Whenever something bad happens, I quickly think of 5 things I'm grateful for, and the worry disappears!

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