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I believe this post will tie in with my previous post. Actually, I am referring to the sixth commandment..."You shall not murder." Last night I was watching this movie and the gentlemen was put to death by the electric chair. A piece of the puzzle seems to be missing here. When one break a law of God he doesn't murder him, but when one break certain law of Man he is executed by electrocution. It seems that the persons carrying out electrocution is as guilty as the person committing the crime that is punishable under the death penalty. Is that not murder?

Ok, many murders are approved of in the Scriptures by God. He is all power...can create and destroy.

What is you take on this issue?

What is the punishment for a severe crime in your country?

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Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello May:)

Very interesting post based on SIXTH COMMANDMENT.

You will recall a lady sinner was brought to Jesus by the Pharisees and told to cast the first stone at her.But Jesus told them that who ever has not committed any sin should cast the first stone at her. One by one all the Pharisees walked away. Then Jesus told her that HW will also not cast a stone at her and told her that her sins were forgiven. Thus Jesus forgave a serious sinner. Who are we to kill or murder people who commit sins?

In our country capital punishment is still there and is given to very serious criminals.

Have a nice day May:)

Yen said...

I do agree, God can create and God can destroy, just like He do in the old testament, there are many stories of death's of people because of disobedience.

Here in my country, Philippines the first man who have been sentence to death was a father who rape his daughter I think it was 1995, not sure have to check it again.But after him, the religious group and the government withdraw and ratify the law. The death penalty was abolished.
As I am seeing such scenarios, maybe our government abolished the death penalty is that, if its the punishment, then all of the corrupt officials and big people will have their own dose of medicine. ( I have observe on the old testament that whenever God saw that the wickedness is growing, He cuts off those bad, so that it will not contaminate others.)

InspirationsUnlimited said...

I do agree with Yen (and we are in the same country!)

God has punished people from the new testament too. One example was Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:1-10

Tracy said...

Wow May, heavy question.

For what it's worth, here's my opinion (I stress that it's just my opinion because I know many wonderful, total Christ followers, who fall on both sides of this issue):

God is not always opposed to killing of human beings. We can pull lots of examples from both the Old & New Testament to make this point.

As a society, to make life work on a practical level, we've got to have rules so that we can all co exist. For people to follow the rules there has to be some sort of consequence for not following. As a society we just can't let some people stay among us. Examples of the kind of people we can not let be free and living out among us would be serial killers, sociopaths who repeatedly kill with no remorse and will do this again and again. One could agree with me up to this point and say so these folks should remain in prison or an institution for life. That is expensive and difficult. So for the purpose of a strong deterrent, as well as the practical cost issues, I am not opposed to the death penalty is some very specific situations.

Chin chin said...

Punishment of criminals (by execution or imprisonment) depending on the laws of the land is approved by God. Romans 13:4 says that the authority is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Of course, this authority is not always perfect in its judgment. But God is the Righteous Judge. Even if we break the law and escape punishment in this life, we will not surely escape punishment in the afterlife.

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