How to Overcome Anger

A quick-tempered man does foolish things. - Proverbs 14:17

I think you'll agree that at times we become angry with our neighbors, friends, and even family members. It usually when they do or say things that are not pleasing to one another. It's true when we lose our temper - within minutes a quick-tempered person began to do foolish things including yelling, cussing and fussing, hitting, and so on.

Psalm 145:8 reminds us to be slow to anger. In fact, the psalmist clearly states that the Lord himself is gracious and compassionate. Instead of anger the Lord have mercy on us even when we do things that does not satisfy him. Are you slow to anger? Then you're a man of great understanding and sounds like you know that Vengeance is his and only.

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Tracy said...

I know that I'm sure grateful for God's slowness to anger toward me! But it's only by His power in me that I can refrain from that quick burn at the actions of others - that comes naturally sometimes. I'm grateful for the Holy Spirit within me that cautions me to slow down and refocus.

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