The Devil is a Liar

"For the wages of sin is death."- Romans 6:23

In today's society sins are regarded as those our unrighteous acts is pleasing to God. There is a rise in removing God's commands from many aspects of our lives. There seems to be serious attack against the Bible teachings. For there is no recognition of sin, therefore it is only a little repentance and forgiveness taking place today. People are separated from God and that promotes dangerous behavior.

For instance, prayer is prohibited in many schools, religious symbols are banned from public places and no longer does the world leaders support the values of our forefathers from the a biblical standpoint. Nowadays, schools teach the theory of evolution vs the truth. Displaying of symbols from the Ten Commandments to nativity scenes have been challenged in the courts. Politicians are promoting the homosexual lifestyle that have resulted in needless abuse and even death. The entertainment industry is inflated with sex, porno, violence and crimes. As a result, our young people are distracted from the Law of God. These negative images are contributing to school violence, illegal drug and alcohol abuse, suicides, and massive killing sprees in schools.

Many Christians are expressing their concerns in relation to Separation of Church and State. When there is separation from God, there is no hope and people becomes hopeless. Removing the Bible teaching is like removing God from our lives. A world without God would be world of absolute devastation.

Now is the time to let Satan know that He is a liar. We are fed up with His lies and we ready to come together to defeat him by the Grace of God. Because the Devil is a liar. What is your take on this issue?

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Yen said...

Hi, May. Great post. I believe Righteousness exalts a nation. Today as we can see wickedness is overpowering the land. God is crying with what is happening to us,Satan are deceiving mankind tremendously and its about time that we cry out to God so that Hes spirit will protect us in this battle.

Linda said...

I agree May. When we try to take God out of our lives, we are heading for certain disaster. We really need to pray for our country.

Anonymous said...

The Devil's scheme is to take us away from Jesus. He is definitely a liar and that is why we need to discern the voice of Jesus among the many voices we hear everyday, because one of them is Jesus and the other one is Satan. Jesus said, "My sheep knows my voice and follow me." Those who don't know Jesus, don't know his voice and thus don't follow him, and are being deceived by the devil.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello May:)


This is a wonderful post and I fully agree with what you have written.

When I was in school, we had Catechism classes every day. We were taught to sing Christian hymns. . During :Lent we were taken to a nearby church to say the Station of the Cross. I passed out with distinction in Catechism and Bible History.

My children could not have that kind of foundation because most of their studies were done in non catholic schools. Now they are grown up and I am afraid to say that their faith is weak. Of course it is partly to our fault also. Since I was in the sales I could not supervise them properly. But I am not offering this as an excuse. I have failed in my duty. I did not set a good example. Now it is too late.

Politicians are vote catchers. In a country like India where there is plethora of religions, only Christian schools take interest in teaching about Christ and that too only to Christians. Other children study something called moral science.

As regards Satan it is a very big subject. If you find time read John Milton’s Paradise Lost Book IX. Since the satan cannot win against God, he is taking revenge on humans whom God loves most. Because of Satan , Adam and Eve had to die and we are their successors and we have to die also. We would have been immortal if our first parents did not disobey God’s command. Satan is vicious and he is always looking for people whom he can tempt to commit sins and bring eternal damnation to them. He wants to fill the hell with sinful human beings. So he is always active,vigilant and tempting people all the time.

As long as we are conscious of this fact, that satan is active, we will avoid temptations to sin against God. In the modern days it is the parents responsibility to train their children in Godly ways. This is a continuous process especially when they are young. A good foundation will stand them in good stead and they will take care of themselves when they g row up. We cannot depend on schools, colleges, government and politicians to do this job.

I do not want to write longer. Surely you can look up for the book Paradise Lost Book IX on the internet when you have time.

Have a wonderful day May:)

Faith Imagined said...

It is normally Christian symbols and such that are banned but it seems other religions have a lot more freedom to be represented. It breaks my heart! Great post!

Deborah Ann said...

Thank you for your bold stand!

surjit said...

Very inspiring post.You have a wonderful blog.
You are a noble soul.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

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